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Tuesday, October 23, 2012
By Jeff Sharpe
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It was a typical engagement session and I had the fortune to be working with this fun loving couple, Chris and Jen. The outdoorsy couple wanted their photo shoot to be in a natural setting, so we went deep into the wilderness where no one was around, and where I didn't have to worry about any bystanders accidentally getting into the shot.

Wait a minute....I thought saw a brown blur. What was that bicyclist doing back there? I didn't recall a bike trail. Must have been an off-road mountain biker. Or maybe I was seeing things?

There it is again... clearly someone – or something – was there. Every now and then strangers sometimes like to observe my shoots. I was going to have to politely "shoo" this guy away.

I zoomed in and quickly realized THAT THIS WAS NO MOUNTAIN BIKER! Is that...could that way...a Sasquatch? THE elusive Big Foot???!! I rubbbed my eyes, wondering how many poppy seed muffins I had eaten for breakfast that morning. Obviously too many.

Jen and Chris were oblivious to the creature in the background, as they were thoroughly immersed in each other and enjoying their sesson. I didn't want to alarm them, nor did I want "Big Foot" to come after us, or embarass myself for "seeing things." Trying my best to keep my cool, I hastily relocated them to another area. Perhaps there was safety here on these granite outcroppings.

I had an uneasy feeling we were being watched.

I realized I wasn't the only one taking pictures. Is that Sasquatch with an iPhone?? All I was sure of is that it was time to get out of here! My clients thought it was just my natural energy and excitement as I raced them to a new location. They had no idea that their photo session had a "second shooter." 

I found a romantic spot by the river with a view of the bridge in the background for these love birds.

I zoomed out. How did he find us?! He looks like Evward Munch's "The Scream!" I'm surely losing my mind. Again, I ushered my happy subjects to another location. I found a grassy field, and...wait I don't remember that log being there...

My happy couple was still oblivious. Then we heard snoring...

Jen and Chris finally saw what I had been seeing through my viewfinder.

Then we realized, awwww, poor guy. He just must be lonely. Looks like he had a rough last night. Jen and Chris decided to befriend him. He turned out to be a very cordial guest and offered them both a Budweiser.

But then realized he drank them all. Jen and Chris didn't mind. They had made a new friend!

Maybe they'll invite him to the wedding.

Photography: Jeff Sharpe and Rex Hirahara of Sharpe Weddings
Wedding Planning: A Dazzling Day by Darcie
Location: David Girard Vineyards, Placerville, CA
Written by Jenn Hugunin of No Ordinary Day  

©2012 Sharpe Weddings

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Georgia - Too cute... Maybe he could provide a toast on their wedding day!